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This system allows you to sign up to participate in research studies conducted at the Laboratory for Research in Experimental Economics (LREE) at SMU. The purpose of the research conducted at the Laboratory is to better understand human decision making as it applies to a wide range of issues in the Social Sciences.

If you choose to register yourself in the database by filling in the information above, you will be eligible to participate in future experiment sessions conducted at LREE. You will receive email notifications of newly open sessions and will be able to sign up for individual sessions by clicking on a link for the session in which you have chosen to participate. Note that you may not be eligible to participate in some sessions for a variety of possible reasons and the system will not allow you to sign up for sessions for which you are not eligible.

Subjects are paid for their participation in experiments. If you are registered for a session, you will receive a participation payment if you show up on time and are ready and able to participate regardless of whether or not we can use you in that day's experiment. If you participate, you will earn additional money based on the outcome of the experiment. The experiments conducted at LREE will typically involve computer based interactions. Subjects will be making decisions on a computerized interface and often payouts will be interdependent, i.e. they will depend on your choice as well as the choices of others with whom you are interacting.

Prior to any session, you will be asked to read and agree to a consent form outlining all of your rights under the rules regarding the conduct of experiments involving human subjects. You are not obligated to participate in any sessions and have the right to exit a session at your discretion, though leaving in the middle of a session may require you to forego any earnings. Backing out of or exiting a session will, however, incur no negative consequences. Your participation or lack thereof in any sessions at LREE will also have no other consequences for any classes at SMU or the University generally. All payments will be made in private. You will have to sign a receipt acknowledging that you have received the money. Any personal information required on that receipt will be used only by University accounting staff to verify proper accounting of funds.

The confidentiality of any personal information gathered by the recruitment system and during the experiment sessions will be protected to the extent allowed by law. To the extent allowed by law, our rule is that only the researcher and any research assistants conducting the experiment may know the earnings of individual subjects and only researchers affiliated with LREE may have access to the data with names attached. Names and identities of subjects will not be reported with any results related to this research. Also, no personal information contained in the recruitment database will ever be used for anything other than recruitment purposes for experiments conducted at LREE by approved researchers.

If you wish to obtain further information about participating in experiments please email If you have questions about your rights as a participant in research, you should contact the of the SMU Institutional Review Board at

By checking the box above you are indicating that you have read and agreed with this information. Once registered, we will contact you in the future by email to let you know of forthcoming sessions, or you may sign up directly by logging into this system. You will be able to discontinue your registration in this system at any time by selecting an option to opt out of future emails while logged into the system or you can always email us to request that we drop you off of the email list. You are welcome to print out a copy of this page for your records.

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