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The Laboratory for Research in Experimental Economics at SMU (LREE) is a research lab for conducting social science research experiments. The lab was founded in the Fall of 2011.

If you are a student on SMU's campus, you are invited to sign up to participate in experiments. Experiments typically last 1-2 hours and you will earn money for your participation. More information can be found on the Registration page. If you have any questions about participating, please send them to lree@smu.edu.

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Experiments are conducted in Clements Hall, Room 15. Clements Hall is located just outside of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center, between Hughes-Trigg and the green space in front of Dallas Hall. The lab is in the basement of Clements Hall. Enter the building by going down the exterior stairway along the side of the building facing Fondren Library to get to the basement entrance. Turn right after you get into the building and the lab will be down at the and of the hall on the right. You can also use the elevator in the middle of the building to go down to the basement. We are in with the same office suite as the Testing Center.

Affiliated Faculty

Tim Salmon, Department of Economics. Lab Director.


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